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On Koober, you’ll find the best books, conferences, documentaries and tons more! No need to look elsewhere, we've done the legwork for you.


Quentin F.


I've been wasting away intellectually at a mind-numbing day job. But with Koober, my days really changed! Focusing on the information and then being able to apply it directly every day, brings a sense of challenge and purpose to what I do.


Lisa F.


This app allows you to learn A LOT, simply by reading or listening to book summaries. It’s super intuitive, and makes you think about learning and knowledge in a different way. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to learn fast and constantly.


Olivier K.


Excellent app, terrific if you’re looking to maximize your time, especially when you’re doing dull, repetitive tasks, like chopping veggies, or are stuck in traffic. The topics are relevant and cater to people who are interested in entrepreneurship, politics and personal development.


Stéphane B.


Really interesting. I just started, but I’m already noticing tangible improvements. I'd never really registered just how valuable habits and a routine could be, except in a vague sort of way. As a manager, I will try to distill this knowledge among my team.


Etienne A.


Reading a summary instead of the whole book may seem like the lazy alternative, but actually, if you think about it, it’s a clever alternative. Having read a number of the books available as koobs, especially those on management or personal development, I can honestly say they were perfectly summarized.


Sophia K.


Considering the year we’ve had, it’s easy to get depressed, To anyone who will listen, I really recommend you try this app. It will help you see things differently, in a better light, come up with ideas you didn’t have. It makes you realize better things are possible.


Cynthia B.


Super interesting app! It got me to discover new subjects. It’s practical and easy to use. The trainings are smartly thought out and the handbooks help you remember all the key ideas. I highly recommend it!


Yassine M.


Koober has been a real boon for me.
- It’s made me save time (it takes roughly twenty minutes to go through a summary)
- save money (you get hundreds of koobs for  the price of 5 books in a bookstore)
– and the knowledge you acquire is huge and covers all fields.


Gabrielle R.


These summaries focus on what to do, they offer effective tips & goals. There are several different topics available (psychology, stress, relationships, up to management). Concise and to the point, these short 20- minute summaries get me through the day from breakfast to bedtime.