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You just woke up and you’re on your way to the gym. What's better than listening to a 20-minute mini format to keep your mind and your body busy.

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Koober provides the essential information from the best available sources (books, documentaries, keynotes) to give you the knowledge you need to reach your goals.


Want to be more productive? Here are all the best techniques to boost your productivity... to do more in less time

Financial Independence

Looking to become a financially independent? Successful people share their experiences, give their advice and warn you against potential pitfalls!


Launching a business can be like climbing Mount Everest. Get the "best practices" from the world's most successful entrepreneurs and follow in their steps.


Human beings are social animals. We constantly spend time with one another. Learn to evolve in this social context and enjoy the best books on the topic.

Health and well-being

Want to feel better in both mind and body? Discover the books that unpack all the latest trends and tells you what works and what doesn't.

Career and success

How to successfully manage your career? Stack the odds in your favor and climb the hierarchy ladder with the help of our top content.

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Enjoy our growing library of books, documentaries and conferences and learn everyday.

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I love the concept. It's both practical and easy to use. The app has allowed me to discover books on topics I thought I wasn't even interested in before.
Brand Manager
Perfect. The Koober team is attentive and hardworking. Each summary is the equivalent of an efficient speed-read. A great way to save time
Management Consultant